Saturday, September 22, 2007

A little fast paced

You prob. hear me talk all the time about being so fast paced. My body and life has just become accustomed to being so fast paced and I have to force myself to slow down, which generally is easy to do :) I just finished a huge huge project in Houston and for the most part will be finished there for at least a few weeks, a lot to be still determined. All and all, it feels good to walk away from something knowing that you worked hard and did your very best. It's not easy to walk away from things where you 2nd guess yourself and wonder if you did give it your best.

I have been without a car for a while and finally found one! Long story short, I've been looking at HUNDREDS of everything you can imagine. I found a car Wednesday night and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the right one. I checked my email Thursday morning and saw that the car was still available and I purchased it on Ebay :) Yes, this is my 2nd car from ebay, the first was a Wrangler that I picked up near Omaha, NE. Everything worked out so perfectly and the woman I bought it from had taken such great car of it. This thing is in awesome shape and is almost like a new car. It has more buttons than I can press and I got an amazing deal. All and all, I was a happy camper yesterday. Flew into Charleston, met a friend at the airport, met a guy that sold me the car, and within 30 minutes, I was driving away in it. What a good way to end a week.

Tonight was Sandy and Andrea's rehearsal and dinner. Man what a cool time to be around good people. I drove back from Charleston this morning, came home, picked up dry cleaning, and headed up to meet them. The rehearsal went smoothly, the dinner was awesome, and afterwards all the guys went out to the Falls Park to hang out with Sandy. We all just sat around on the ground and wall and just encouraged him. It was so good to see all of the guys talk about how Sandy had encouraged them or taught them something in their life, it really was so encouraging to hear. The other cool part was to hear married guys talk about their lives and their marriages. It's so freakin neat how marriage is a picture of what we are to Christ. I like to hear about all of the imagery and how earthly marriage teaches these guys more about Jesus, grace, love, and all sorts of other things.

Tomorrow is their wedding and we are gettin crunk. Well not "crunk" by definition, but fun shall be had. :)


erin said...

yes..i would love to catch up. seems like you have been pretty busy. i still check in with you to see how you are on here. let's talk soon.

Ed said...

Hey, give Mary Addison a plug on your blog for some votes.

Candice & Daniel said...

I hate that I missed the some pix!

Love the new car...

p.s. thanks for the 'no asian' jokes while i was over there... ;)