Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Sunday Sunday

It's about, well way too late and I am still packing up. It's amazing how fast a day can go and then it's gone. I think I say it all the time now and lately everything seems like a blur. I actually have to write things down and keep somewhat of a schedule to keep up. I'm tired. I believe the Lord is the giver of strength, Jesus promises rest from the worries of this world. I really haven't taken any time in the last few months to just digest. I've worked now for a few years and never really taken a straight week of vacation to sit and do nothing. This week is going to be it. Me and a few buddies are going on a cruise and I plan on doing absolutely nothing, well maybe driving a dune buggy, 4 wheeler, or possibly a segway to find some mayan ruins, but other than that, I'm resting. It's really neat the ways the Lord will bring us to a place to rest. He will use anything and everything to get us back closer to Him. Sometimes I struggle with being a performer and striving to do certain things to make Him love me. I am probably not the only one guilty of this, at least that makes me feel better to say that. He loves us despite what we do and wants good for our lives. Our lives are not our own and the Bible says we were bought at a price, a great price. Jesus sat in the Garden of Gethsemane and thought about what would come of His life. He knew as God in the flesh that He would hang on a cross, but as a man, He knew He would have to suffer more than any man ever. Jesus was in perfect union with His father and for a time would have to endure the crappy sin that all of us have done and will do. He still went there and paid that price for us so that we can be with the God of the Universe. I really don't know why I am typing out the gospel but it's good and I like to remind myself. He did all of that so we won't have to be performers and we can work because of His love for us and not work FOR His love and acceptance.

I have also learned lately that words are powerful and just as proverb 18 says, "death and life are in the power of the tongue, those who love it eat its fruit." We have the power to encourage or discourage this world. I've heard stories in my travels lately of how people have been discouraged by people in this world. When I hear these stories, it gives me a nice kick in the rump to be even nicer to people even when they don't deserve it. I enjoy smiling at the ticket counters when people are just rude, there is something to that, I think Jesus would. People can't understand that type of love and it's neat to see their faces.

I've never been this real big, take your sabbath on Sunday type of guy. I do believe that the Bible teaches we should take a day and rest, find your day and rest. I am going to try and do better about digesting my life and waking up different than the man who went to sleep the night before. I get so tired of being me and getting comfortable in this life. I'm not trying to be homeless but sometimes it's good to be encouraged and pushed along in your walk with the Lord.

In the past few weeks I have also learned to appreciate people that encourage you. I am guilty of doing everything on my own, being prideful, rarely asking for prayer. I just don't want to feel like I am a burden to anyone and I know that I can pray for myself. BUT, it feels good to get things out and have people encourage you and say nice things. Everyone needs someone to cheer in their corner sometimes in this life. There is no doubt that this life is hard and everyday has troubles of its own. We should take each day at a time and enjoy it.

I weigh less right now than I have weighed in about 6 or 7 years.

This cruise is probably about to change that.


Ed said...

I'll always be captain of your cheerleading squad.

JT said...

you will always be my hero.

Chris Moody said...

4 Letters P.I.M.P