Monday, September 17, 2007

A lil note

So after coming back from a cruise and a very relaxing one, I started back at normal life again today. Had a conference call at 1:00, stayed at home all day sick, well which was because a friend suggested taking Epsom salt. Never do this if you have any agenda for the day :) I am writing this at 1AM and I have to be up about 3:30 to fly out for hopefully one more week in Houston and then be back at home for a while. It's good what a vacation can do for you. It gives you a chance to clear your head and catch up.

Tonight in small group we talked about the things that happen in this life to humble you and bring you closer to the Lord. We discussed evil and how the Lord can use it to bring people to Him, it was a good conversation. I was a little out of it most of the time and was really thinking about things in my own life that I needed to give to the Lord. Have you ever felt like you could manage something better than He can? Of course, nobody really believes that but our actions sometimes reveal that we want to control our lives instead of letting the Lord do what He will. Tonight was a good night and I let a lot of thoughts and feelings go to Him and felt so good. It's so freakin tough to let go. These are the times you really learn to trust the Lord does care about you and does want good things for your life. The woman who gave a penny in the Bible. She gave out of faith and was poor, where rich people were giving out of their wealth. The woman gave because she had faith and knew the Lord would take care of her. I think sometimes we act in faith, but we have doubt in the back of our mind, "Is He really going to take care of me?" ...."Does He really, really love me that much?" I think those are pretty common thoughts. I've learned that I don't trust the Lord enough and give Him everything in my life. I stood outside tonight and acknowledged to Him that he was a much better manager of my life than I am, I am His, and I was bought with a price.

I drag my feet sometimes to what I know I should do, and once it is done, the Lord always confirms in my life that I did the right thing. I also know that the Lord uses people around you to teach you and be a guide for your life. I've been reading through Proverbs and it's full of wise counsel. Anything I do in this life, I want to have people around me that encourage it and the Lord uses to grow me. This is comforting and I am glad I am a Christian because I don't really know how people do this life without the Holy Spirit and an eternal Father that will always love, even when it is a disciplining love. I like that everyday as a Christian can be a new one and you don't have to be the person that you were yesterday.

I've never really watched Grey's Anatomy but one of my favorite singer/songwriters has just written a song for it, Mat Kearney, check him out. I've listened to his cd for a month straight, pretty awesome.

So in 2.5 hours I will wake up and hopefully not curse the day :)

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lauren said...

those pix are awesome...i can't believe you all came back without mexican ladies. :)