Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I like online sermons

It's pretty dang cool how just listening to some people preach encourages you. I love to listen to Mark Driscoll and the video I posted here is quite amazing. Mark is by far one of the best all around teachers I have found. He has a gift of speaking very passionately combined with using scripture and application.

I struggle and get off track so often in my focus on ministry. Listening to some of these guys, just gets your heart back and excited again. I'm going to speak at a college fca in a few days and listening to these guys makes me think about a bazillion different things to speak about, downside of listening to them!

On another note, I haven't bought anything in a long time. Well, other than a recent car. I love gadgets. I have never had a key to my own house. I now do :) I installed a keyless entry system on the front door. It is so awesome, I just type in a key and bam, unlocks :) If you come visit, I can give you a temporary "key" for the weekend :)

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