Friday, August 03, 2007

Life in a Rental Coche

So another week closes and it has just been long and busy as usual. The days all seem to be always crazy and it's never dull that's for sure. I've learned something about myself over the last few months that I never really knew even though the Bible is very clear about it. We need rest. We need to Sabbath. It's just been go go go for the last couple of months and I just really haven't thought about it. I haven't taken a real vacation since I started working and usually only take a day here and a day there. Americans needs vacations as a break. Christians need a break from their day to day to rest and reflect on life, repent, breathe, relax, eat, and just spend time with the Lord. I just haven't really done that in a long time. I have no real excuse. I heard my pastor at church say, "it's not that we don't want to read the Bible, it's that we don't plan to read the Bible." I just plan my day away on a daily basis because it so hectic. I went from a guy to never plans anything to a guy who has about every minute of the day with a note beside it. I live by email, cell phone, Avis, Continental, and Jason's Deli. Today it all just seem to add up and God just reminded me that I need to rest.

He has blessed me with this ability to just be easy go. I rarely worry about anything and never really have bad days. I just enjoy life and have a good time. This is a gift from the Lord and nothing that I can take credit for. So many things just didn't go right today, they just kept adding up. I had so many places and things to do, then my cell phone of 4 years finally breaks. This was a bit frustrating and God reminded me to start writing stuff down instead of a cell phone being my idol. Well, I pulled over on the interstate after getting into ATL airport and took it apart, put it back together, Praise God it worked for the rest of today. (this is apart of my daily life in my job.)

I've been looking forward to watching "The Bourne Ultimatum" all week. I live for the weekends and seeing my friends and hanging out. I rushed all the way to the movies only to find out it was sold out. I got pissed off. I NEVER, well RARELY get just pissed off. Maybe 1 time every 2 years. I got in the car and just went home. I just laughed when I was driving down the road in my Avis Ford Taurus, (I just sold my Wrangler) on the ride back from the airport. I pulled over on an exit, met a guy, he gave me money, I gave him keys. Well anyway, I just stopped in my brain and being pissed for a moment and acknowledged to the Lord that I knew I was pissed off and I laughed. I said out loud. "I'm pissed off." I have no idea why at this moment. It just seemed like all of the last few months just kinda summed up into one moment. So through all of that paragraph of raps with God on my ride back home, God reminded me that I need to rest and breathe for a little while.

Moday 3AM - drive to ATL
Arrive in Houston.
Work a week.
Friday - Fly Back
Weekend - rest.
Sunday - book ticket for
Monday - fly back to Houston.

I am just learning how to balance everything and get my priorities in line. I need some time in the Avis car this weekend as I go look for a "newer" ride somewhere! I also have some big decisions to make regarding my future and I would appreciate your prayers. I want to make the right moves in this life but ultimately I know God is Sovereign and knows. He has given me opportunities and I want to be a good steward of those.

I really enjoy writing and writing this blog made me feel better. I'm laying here in bed with my nice lil lap pad (that protects my future generations) and believing that heaven is going to be sweet, full of rest, and a table with good food, good friends, and the King of the Universe, forever. Forever.

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