Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ever Been Lied to?

I don't know what it is, but when someone lies to me or is dishonest in any way, it gets UNDER my skin big time.  It makes me feel so cheated and I often want to punch them in a Jesus kinda way.  Okay that didn't make sense, but you know what I'm rappin. 

The hotel I stay at is often visited by guys who prey on the businessmen coming out into the parking lot.  A common scheme is for a guy to walk up to you and say that he is out of money and his credit card has been declined because the hotel overcharged him.  A guy did this to me a few months ago and usually they dress very nicely to look much like another businessman.  He told me that he was having trouble getting back home after taking his sister to the cancer hospital.  I looked in the car and the woman in the car did look very sick so I filled his tank up with gas.  As he drove away, I knew I had been scammed and it really got me.  I can just hope that he repents of his sin and hope that he doesn't one day fall into the hands of a just and good God. 

The guy this morning said the hotel overcharged his card and I could have easily walked in and asked the hotel.  I have been at the same hotel for 3 months and might as well be running the front desk.  He also said he was in the oil field and my coworker with me had been in the oil field for a number of years and could have easily called him on his story.  I didn't do anything, just told him I didn't have any money.  My coworker gave him $5.  As he drove away, he had brand new tags on his car.  GRRRRRRRRRR.

I just wrote this blog at 8:25PM EST sitting in the middle of traffic while downloading data from a meter on a pole.  This is a funny life right now.  And as I was writing that, a woman named Michelle, a refugee from New Orleans has just told me about her life and why God allowed her to go through the things He has.  I told her that one day, if God does bring her out of the situation she is in, she might look back on that valley and realize she learned to pray, read, and get rid of sin.  Okay, I'm loading up my equipment and hitting the road.  Thank you Verizon Wireless card for allowing me to write this blog.  Thank you God for blessing people with brains to create wireless cards.


AshleyandJoshua said...

When I first started reading your blog I was worried that you were talking about me at the beginning because of the lil joke i played on you yesterday. :) Whewww Wasn't me this time.

GE is me said...

Here's one for you. My B-I-L works as a baggage handler at the airport. He knows people who dress the part & panhandle on street corners & make 50,000 a year. This to me is so not right! I commend you for filling up the person's tank & just remember "What you sow, therefore you shall also reap" -Galatians
When I've had people ask me for money for food, I will offer to buy them food. Usually they want the money for something else.
I had some lady knock on my door & give me a sob story about her Mom dying & needing money. She had a little girl with her - 11ish.
I was in the middle of putting my own children in bed & told her to wait outside & I'd be right back.
I took this time to pray on it, but when I went back to "help" her, she was gone. Guess she didn't need that money so badly after all.
Then I called the cops & they told me they'd had reports of a scam along those lines.
I guess my issue with that situation is how can you drag a child into it????
May God have mercy on all of us.