Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So about a month ago, I was rapping about helping people in the parking lot of the hotel I stay in and have stayed in for the last 3 months. There are constantly people asking for help as businessmen like myself, leave their hotel. I love to help people, but am very cautious in giving money etc. I will buy food in a heart beat but rarely give money. This man about a month ago told me that he was broken down and in need of some food to hold his family over until they could get their car fixed, which should be soon. He knew all sorts of technology and was dressed just like me. I questioned and questioned him and finally agreed to buy him some food.

I told him to hop in my car (keep in my mind I always carry a 9mm on me) and as soon as he did. I smelled a stale alcohol smell. I asked him, "Have you been drinking?" and he goes on to tell me that he is a Christian and does not drink alcohol. I kept telling him that I was pretty sure that I smelled it and I told him "I hope you are not lying to me, because I enjoy helping people but when someone lies to me, it pisses me off." (It was to that effect) :) He insisted he was telling the truth and at this point, I knew he was not. I still decided to help him and I wanted to drive him to the place he told me his car was because I knew I would not find his car there and I wanted to see his face when he knew, that I knew, he was busted. To make a long story short, he said that I couldn't drive in the parking garage where his car was ( a lie) so I dropped him off. He then went and thanked me and told me that Jesus would take care of me, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Well how about this...I was walking out of my hotel yesterday and guess who approached me in the parking lot. Sure enough, I see this man walking towards me. Keep in mind that I do not drive the same SUV every week, you could find me in a Jeep Liberty, Chevy Trailblazer, Chevy Surburban, etc etc. THIS GUY DID NOT RECOGNIZE ME. As soon as I rolled down my window, he started telling me the same story and I just stopped him VERY QUICKLY. "I recognize you and I have just busted you trying to scam me!" I pretty much said in a voice that he might fear for his life :) I told him that I had helped him before and I did not appreciate him taking advantage of my generosity. I told him that I am a Christian and enjoy helping people but when they take advantage of that, they ruin others chances of getting help. I wouldn't let him get a word in and just railed on him for about 5 minutes. He kept trying to justify himself but I would not let him. He then went on to tell me that he was divorced and having to pay child support and I went on to tell him that it was too bad, because I am not going to help you! I was pretty frustrated with this man and really wanted to take my wallet and beat him in the head with it :) Yes, I realize that is not like Jesus. I didn't do it.

This guy preys on businessmen that only see him once, too bad I am here for a while, I can't wait until I see him again!



Candice & Daniel said... relationship with the Lord can be like that at times. I think that i can outsmart God to give me what i want....and i think....i can do the same thing over and over to him, like he's not going to recognize me...when i come back...trying to get what I want (meaning...coming in prayer with ulterior motives, etc.).

This blog really made me compare this situation to my walk with Christ. The crazy thing is...even when we think, maybe unconsciously, that we are scamming God for what we want....He loves us anyways. Just like he loves you and the man in your story.

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing JT.

GE is me said...

Justin, while I agree with what Candice said; you can't beat yourself up when you said Jesus wouldn't pound him over the head with his wallet. What about when Christ was in the temple & he chased out the money changers & other reprobates? Yes, we are to love the sinner & hate the sin, but I also think that if someone is trying to scam you that He wouldn't want that either. Kudos to you, for being so generous.
BTW, I'm always envious when you are blogging & say that you had sushi to eat. I have not found a good sushi restaurant in the Providence, RI area. I'm sure I could go to Boston to find one, but...