Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Travels Travels Travels

There are perks to being on the road a lot. Free personal hotel stays, free airline miles so I can take trips that I never have time to take, and lots of free food.

The bad thing about it are on the road making money and you never have time to spend any of it. For going on 4 years, I have carried the same cell phone. It is time for a new one and I will be rewarding myself this way.

So another HOT HOT HOT day, I also learned today that the neighborhood I worked in today generally has a stray bullet hit it about every other day, so the odds are not in our favor as we are there the rest of the week.

Always remember to just nod your head and say hi to the people high on crack and smoking weed. This helps you achieve maximum life.

I come home on Friday for 2 days then back out for almost an entire MONTH. Will someone come visit me?

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