Sunday, June 03, 2007


So if you happen to watch "Cops" and see Houston on the screen, look and see if you see me carrying about a few laptops running from people. The good news is, I made it through a long week and weekend without getting shot. Things I learned from the week:

1. Every 4th Hampton towel is a soft one. Not quite as the soft ones my mommy gave me.
2. I learned at least one new gang sign this week. I can teach you, but do it secretly.
3. Driving a new white Chevy Uplander though the ghetto is not the best way to lay low.
4. Used condoms are found in some interesting places in Houston.
5. I learned that the local drug dealer is much like an icecream man, he puts a speaker on the outside of his car to let everyone know he is coming through. (I am not kidding.)
6. Drug dealers are easy to spot. Look for a brand new car in the ghetto, that's your guy.
7. I have become a work-o-holic.
8. I have eaten at every restaurant in Houston.
9. You can watch a baseball game LIVE in the air-conditioning. Yes, the Minute Maid Stadium is awesome. I got a few hour break today and caught and Astros game!
10. I love my friends and miss them. I even might break my Dillon strike and go visit my family :)

11. The next person who asks what I am doing out here, I'm going to tell them that I am coordinating their flux capacitor to 14


. :)

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erin said...

justin tanner...i drove an uplander in arizona when i went...nice rides huh? hey im in singapore..but thought id say hey.