Monday, June 18, 2007

Living on the Edge

Things familiar. Why is it that we like familiar things so much? I've been in a new place now for going on two months and I already have my familiar route. Walking through the airport, the friendly ladies at Avis now know me and we chat about how great Itunes is. The front desk at Hampton Suites are my new family and make me feel good by saying "welcome back Mr. Tanner." (They also provided us with new beds :) )

The girl at Schlotsky's always smiles and I tell her she works too much.

The friendly hostess at PF Chang's, well we are on nick-name basis now and I call her "lefty" after eating there two nights this week. You can't beat the food/price comparison, so good!

The Jewish man at the local ghetto convenience store now knows my buying habits and one day I didn't buy water, he says.."no water today." And I remember and then go buy some. The next day he looked like he was about to die and told me "I'm very, very sick." I hope he is okay.

Either way, it's neat how quickly we can get in a pattern in our life. We almost fight our way to make it that way.

I've been able to drive a lot. Please notice how I like to live on the edge in this picture :)

This week I'm pushing a Chevy Suburban which is convenient because I'm working in the suburbs. (Please, why did I say that.) Anway, I like it, it makes a nice noise when you back up and if you are about to hit something, it lights up on the back and makes a lot of noise. (I had to test the system). It also plays the rap music very well.

The astros are my new favorite team, if you have a t-shirt, you are a fan.

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