Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Tour

So I am almost home. After finishing a lot, and I mean A LOT of work in Houston, I will be heading home soon. I finished work on Friday and decided to head up to see some friends of mine near Dallas in Plano,TX. This was a few hour drive and was well worth it. It's fun to be around old friends and catch up, even if they are married :) I hung out with Ashley and Josh Jones, formerly Ashley Anderson. I went to The Village Church tonight with another one of our college friends. This was a pretty cool church and the worship was really really good. The worship leader shared his testimony and it was also quite amazing. It reminded me that no matter what we have done, we are all on the same playing field with Jesus. It doesn't matter if you have murdered someone or lusted after someone, you need Jesus the same. There is no "bad" or "badder." You are either with Jesus or without Him. Great church.

I went out to eat with a large amount of women. This was quite funny. I was wearing a pink shirt and I am sure that many at this place probably just assumed I was the gay friend who did all of their hair and nails. I did learn from all of the older ladies that cellulite forms around the age of 45 and if you don't go to bed early, the bags under your eyes form quicker. I would be in trouble if I were a woman, whew.

The good news is that I managed to wear my own underwear today and for the past few days. Although, I did somehow manage to buy size 42 boxers. In case you aren't in the "know", I wear around 32-34 and these are just a tad big. I will be visiting you back Old Navy. I fly back tomorrow afternoon and I am excited to be in my own bed for at least one week before flying back out again.

I am finally settling down in my life and this feels good. I say settling down and I'm gone more than I am at home. I just mean that I am committing myself and being available here and there. This is a good step for me and I have been successful so far. It's actually getting easier.

I am again reminded that I am not a trailblazer. I have so many ideas but struggle to push them into being. I need someone who can do the implementing and let me run alongside. There are so many projects I have in my mind.

Off to bed in Ashely and Josh's place, after enjoying some chocolate covered strawberries :)


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Lee said...

Man, I konw what you mean about not being a trailblazer. I am the same way, and right now I need to do a little trailblazing....