Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pretty Mouth

So usually every 2-3 weeks, I make my way to my local Great Clips. I've been going there since it opened about 6 years ago and a few of the same girls have been cutting my hair(s) for all these years. I always like going into Great Clips because we always have good conversations. It's neat because one of the girls will talk about church etc. and it's a good way to let the time pass and everyone in the store ends up listening. (Eph. 4:29) It's fun. We laugh, joke, and I always have a good time in there. Well last Friday was a little different story. I went in around 6 or so as I usually do and sat down. I waited for about 30 minutes and still no haircut, but hey, no problem, I'm a patient guy. Around 15 minutes into my waiting, a co-worker comes in and we begin to talk. Around this same time, another guy walks in, we shall call him "big dude." Well Big Dude was not really into the waiting thing, he gets up after he had waited a long time and makes it known to the stylist that he is not happy with the service. He didn't do it in a way that was very nice. I just pretended that I didn't hear him and kept chatting with my co-worker. Well, my name is called. It's so fun when they call your name, because I know my buzz cut will be done in about 15 minutes. A girl that has cut my hair(s) before takes me back. She was a little upset that the Big Dude was so upset. She made it clear that she would "hook him up" if he sat in her chair. I responded, "ahh, nah you wouldn't do that, you are too good for that." She laughed. Well we chatted about the service industry, restaurants, and serving people. After this we talked about Clemson, where we liked to eat, and just general stuff. Well she finished cutting my hair(s) and I got up to walk up and pay. As I get up front, I hear someone say in a loud voice, "You've got a pretty mouth!" I look up to the left of me and see this big dude standing there looking at me. I look him in shock and say "excuse me?" He says, "you've got a pretty mouth!" At this point I should have thanked him for his kind compliment to my parents' genes and my Lord who formed me in the womb, but I chose not to. I pretty much say something to the effect of "dude what are you talking about." He then says something to the effect of *$#*$#(*$#(*$#(*$#(*$*%(#*%* and I'll *#(*(*#(%*#(%*#%*. I look at him kindly and say, "we were talking about chinese restaurants." I then sign my receipt and then the story gets interesting. He then looks at me and says, "If you ever come up to the *it*y bar, I will let you #*$#(*$#($*#*#(". Well let's just say that I can't write it on my blog. I think it was a gesture of apology for him making a fool of himself, but I am not sure. The stylist apologized to me and gave me a "sorry" card from Great Clips that gives you a discount on your next haircut. Ha. Ya know, I prayed a long time ago that God would give me stories to share Him with others. I prayed for crazy stories. I am getting to a point where crazy things are starting to happen to me but I am usually so shocked that I haven't quite made the transition to the spiritual. I am working on it.

Another man grabbed me last weekend out of nowhere and asked me if I was experiencing spiritual warfare. This man was probably in his 60's and had a long white beard. He told me that if I was not, I would eventually face it. So weird. We talked for a few minutes and he ended up being a nice guy, we had a nice chat. I feel like I have a sign on me that attracts "different" types of people. I'm not complaining, I actually kinda like it. :)

On another note, I went wakeboarding with Ed and Julie on Saturday. We had a good time and Ed finally hit a backflip for me to see. I had heard he could do it, but hadn't seen it. Well in the process, I did get some nice footage of all his falls and hardwork. I share it with you here.


Laura said...

Funny stuff!! Looks like ya'll are having fun as usual... and JT, yes you have this approachable look to ya.. not sure what it is but when I figure it out I'll let ya know!

Ed said...

So that's why I feel like I've been inside a punching bag today.
This just means that I'll have to shoot some video of me sticking that trick now.

JT said...

Yeah too bad Sony battery died eary and couldn't capture Ed's hard work paying off.

We shall shoot again!