Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hola, Que Tal!

So I am in El Paso this week teaching some classes.  The last time I was here, I hopped across the border into Mexico and it was the funniest thing.  One gringo among about 400 Mexicans, making our way, legally, across the border.  The agents at the border see thousands a people a day and this guy recongnized me, mainly because the day before I was, again, 1 gringo among 400 Mexicans.  Since then, I have discovered that what I did was very dangerous and I was an idiot.  I will not be going to Juarez this time around :) 

In other news, the weird things cease to stop happening to me.  Sept. 11th has always been a special day in my mind, for years before 09-11 I would have weird occurances that made me think of 9-11 and after 9-11 happened, it made it even weirder.  Yesterday, this guy called me out the blue to tell me his salvation story and some things that were going on in his life and some of the people we both know.  Just really random, but I learned a lot from the call and was glad to talk to him.  I am not complaining about these "different" things that are happening, I am starting to like them :)

Now I'm off to find some Mexican food, NOT.

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Bonnie Jean said...

well JT, had you visited me, you would have gotten to eat the best mexican food ever. safe too. but noooooooo, you chose to go to a mall in your spare time. humph, your lost. my home and kitchen are always open to you anyway even though you have been dissin us. see you in the future!