Thursday, December 09, 2004

Not that I am Counting

My sperm count has been lowered. According to this new study that has been released, laptops may cause infertility in men. The study can be found here. I really do not think about "sperm" on a daily basis but a man must take heed at news like this. As I am reading this article, my laptop of course is, well, in my lap. Well near....Ok. I don't have to say it here. You understand. A guy I work with is very hip to these kinda ideas and studies. He does not even have a cell phone for fear of it causing cancer. Well that's one of his reasons. I began really thinking about all the signals that float by our bodies on a daily basis. Tonight I was talking on my cell phone for a long period of time. I also bought a wireless bluetooth headset to go along with it. So not only his my cell phone literally sitting on my lap, the digital signals are going through my head as well as the bluetooth signals just zooming by...well u know. MEN. We must take heed to these studies! Our future generations matter! Ok, jk. I'm not that concerned but I think to some extent, we should at least look into the claims. I don't know of one guy who wants a low count. I'm such a hypocrite. I'm writing this with my laptop, well, in my lap! DELL IS CAUSING LOW SPERM COUNTS!

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mizwez said...

Eventually, someone will sue for that. kinda sad