Monday, December 06, 2004

What's in the middle of an Oreo, really.

Everyone wants to know God's Will. I know that really isn't anything to do with Oreos, but I saw a pack of oreos and wondered what was in them and why it makes people fat. Anywho.

I think I know how to find God's Will. Haha. Yeah Right. I did hear a pastor say one time, "wake up everyday and have it on your heart to do God's Word, and you will ultimately be in His Will". I like the way that sounds. Back to my point.

People often wonder what to do with their life. I have been there too and in many ways still think about it. Most of my life I have enjoyed making funny noises with my voice and doing impressions. In the past few years, I have found great joy in pretending like I'm on the radio. If you really want to know a secret, a roomie and I used to set up a radio station in our apartment and have concerts. I would be the dj and he would sing along with me. This actually was broadcast on the internet and it was so fun. I did not care if anyone listened or not, I really just enjoyed doing it. We would open our blinds at Calhoun Courts in Clemson and open the windows also. We had fun. Man it gets me excited and all the songs come to my head just thinking about those dayz.

I was a computer major in those dayz and was lost in the "what are you going to do with your life?" questions. A close friend that's on my top 5 list of people who changed my life said...."have you prayed about it?" I said, well ya know, not really. So from that point on, for about a month, I just prayed at least 30 or so minutes a night on my heart being open to whatever God wanted me to do. I would say, "Lord I will be a trashman, I will be this, I will be that, and I even said that I will preach". Now I only said the trashman and the preachin part because I wanted God to know that I was willing to do whatever. Definitely not because I wanted to do those things. Well long story short, my grandfather passes away and I find myself sharing a small message at his funeral that I did not plan. I've never felt God's presence so strong in my life. Ever felt that? I was literally stuck in concrete, planted in front of my whole family. God stuck me there for a reason. What an amazing Lord we are able to serve. Afterwards, this preacher that I didn't really know came up to me. "Hey Justin, would you like to come preach at my church sometime?" I don't think he even finished his question and I had already said "yes." From that point on, I knew my calling, and the Lord constantly confirmed it.

My whole life I have loved just speaking and talking to people and using my voice to make people laugh and make myself laugh. I apologize to all of you who have to hear me do a radio voice everytime you call. It really just makes me happy to talk like that and I apologize if it's annoying. Oh I really do enjoy it. It's neat when the gifts and talents God gives you line up with exactly what He wants you to do. It almost sounds like God makes us for something bigger than ourselves and an 8-5. There is more to this life, really.

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Candice said...

wow....JT....that's really beautiful! (whether it was intended to be or was)