Sunday, December 05, 2004

Todd Friel

There is a ministry out in Minnesota called Talk the Walk. Todd is the radio guy for the ministry and often goes on the street to talk to people about what they believe about God. I really enjoy listening to him because he sincerely wants to know what they believe. Please listen to this one when you have some time. This really hurts to hear. It's Todd talking to a priest of a catholic church. Here it is. If you would like to listen to more of the talks, you can go here.

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Jess said...

wow. this is unbelievable. Scary. It makes me so very frustrated to sit here and listen to someone who is supposed to lead people to the Truth, have absolutlely no CLUE what they are talking about. do not be fooled. this mentality pervades more than just the catholic church. I have sat and listened to many "do" messages where I have just wanted to stand up, stop everything and ask WHY DO WE CARE. Why do we care about being "good people" and why does God "forgive" us. Does he just act like we never did anything wrong, like, "oh well, i told you not to do that stuff, but since you did it anyway, and I love ya, forget about it..." um NO! He poured out his all consuming WRATH on his perfect son JESUS as punishment. the punishment I deserve. His perfect son JESUS credited to ME, HIS righteousness. HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS!! THAT is what God sees. THAT is why I can stand before Him. NOT clean me, PERFECT HIM. How is it that the leaders of the church today, 1- are somehow MISSING this point (what in the world are they commiting their life to if it is anything other than this? How can they make themselves and their lives justified and important and purposedful in their own minds?) and 2- are getting away with teaching such "fluff!" UGGH! This is a hot topic with me if you can't tell. thanks for the link :)