Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm sorry blog, I have missed you too

Some of the stress of my job has subsided and it feels good to have a little more breathing room.  We started installing the entire city of San Diego a few weeks ago.  We will have 30,000 devices in the ground in a few months and my job will get crazy again.  It seems vague what I do and people ask a lot, so I will sum it up. 

The company I work for makes electricity measurement systems.  They start from big computer systems in an office and spread all the way down to the electric meter that will soon be installed on your house.  All of the electric meters talk to each other like a big family.  So in a city like San Diego, we will install over 2 million devices and they all talk to each other like a big 2 million person family.  I am responsible for running the system and making sure the family talks well and consistently.  We are providing a green technology and the environment I work in is very fast paced and can be stressful.  The first few months we will install 30,000 to ease everyone into the system, then we will ramp up and install the remaining few million over the next two years.  These devices can remotely disconnect someone from the electric grid, provide real-time measurement of power for the utility, and soon provide you the homeowner real time access to the energy you are using through a home thermostat.  Doesn't all this sound fun?

In other late breaking news, some pigeons made love on my balcony and have produced a few eggs.  I am happy to report that the baby daddy brought in some aide and helped build out the nest.  The baby mama sat on the eggs and the babies are finally here. 

Lately I realized that despite an unreal amount of hours I spend in a job, I have to do something in ministry.  The first year here I really wasn't able to get involved like I wanted to, I barely made it keeping up with a job.  Being on the outside of some type of ministry has made me stale.  I was made to create disciples and honor Him.  I miss speaking at random places.  I haven't spoken anywhere in almost a year.  Some opportunities in San Diego might open in the future and I pray that they do. 

In other news, I moved into a new place.  It is an unbelievable blessing.  God has blessed me more in the past year than any other time in my life.  I confess that I have struggled to give back to Him and have not been giving my first fruits to Him.  It's neat how He works, I wanted to change this and start giving, literally the day I started, my friends surprised me with a surprise party.  My birthday was a few weeks ago but we didn't do anything special as a group, well I came home and there were a ton of people!  We had a nice cookout and it was pretty stinkin cool.  Not only that, but my girlfriend asked me to hold up while everyone walked downstairs to my condo (we were grilling up on a deck upstairs).  Well when I got down and we walked into my place, there was a PLAYSTATION 3 sitting on my entertainment center.  They pulled all their money together and wanted to get my a blu ray player, well a PS3 is that, so they got it!  How awesome is that and how neat is God to show me Himself through people that love Him. 

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