Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life Cereal

For some reason, I started thinking about Life Cereal. Did yall ever eat that? I liked it, but only with a lot of sugar on it because it didn't have much taste without it.

I took the last few days of the week off, 3 in total. It was absolutely amazing. It took me a whole day just to get out of the working mode, I found myself actually wanting to read my work email and respond to emails. This is so strange. After about a day of not, it got lots easier and I finally relaxed for the first time in a long time. It's crazy how quickly life took advantage of me. I should say, how quickly I let life take advantage of me. The day was made for man, we are to rule, and I have been ruled! It was good to do nothing for a few days, and I mean nothing. I haven't played XBOX 360 (Call of Duty) in months and months, and I think I played for at least 4 hours straight one day. I didn't wake up til about 11AM. It was just marvelous.
  • I found an RC airport - spent a few hours there, met some cool guys
  • I listened to Mark Driscoll's debate with some atheists on "Does Satan Exist", watch it here. Quite amazing.
  • Hung out with one of my boyz from back home and his wife, they flew out and surprised me.
  • Was tempted to buy a new RC airplane, electric so I can fly with the new friends I met.
  • Realized that my time on P90X was abruptly ended and I am starting back this week as it is 90 days til summer and I'm a fatty.
  • Move into a new place on April 1 and it is PIMP. 50" plasma, pimped out couch, hardwoods, and I have almost a month overlap on my place I'm in now, so my bro might come out to stay with me a few days.
  • The biggest thing I learned on my days off is that I need more time with God and the Word. I so struggle in this San Diego culture to fight for that time. There are no excuses, it is a struggle here. My girlfriend is a good lil challenger and she is always so disciplined in her reading, even when she is really tired. I admire that.
I don't know why I got all happy with the nice lil bullets, but anywho. If I buy the airplane, I will be posting a video of it before it gets crashed!

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Unknown said...

Hi... don't know who you are... I found this on my laptop a little while ago...didn't even know what a "blog" was, although I had heard the word....started reading what you had written, and it touched my old old heart...thank you for such honest thoughts about every day things...God bless you ... Mrs Helen Adams-Bates