Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunset Cliffs

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So this week I am house sitting for a friend of mine at Sunset Cliffs. If you have ever been to San Diego, you know the place. The place I am staying is literally a block off of the main cliffs and you can see the water from the house. See the pictures above. The more and more the days go by, the more I realized how much of a blessing it is to live in San Diego. I'm just blown away by how amazingly gorgeous it is here. It is sad to say that I haven't enjoyed it as much as I could over the past year. I got home tonight just after sunset and realized that I haven't spent hardly any nights hanging out and watching sunsets as girly as that sounds. When I first moved here, I had lots of plans for all the things I wanted to do, it's amazing how quickly life can crowd out the good stuff. Seeing beautiful things just isn't the same when you aren't with someone to enjoy it. It's the same way when I ride motorcycles, I'm good for the first 30 minutes, then I'm bored. Life is meant to be shared. Dang gina.

I realized today when I was at my own place a few additions I want in my house if I ever build one.
  • Urinal - I am a man and why waste all the water when you just gotta pee.
  • Bidet - I am just being honest. It would make me so happy.
  • hide away pooper (some call this a "water closet") This is perfect for when you get married, you can both be "in the bathroom" but not really. My goal is to never see my wife do that. Okay I said it. I'm sure there are many more that feel that way. I feel that is a private matter and I just don't want to be part of it.
  • Two switches for the bathroom, one for the light, one for the fan. I don't like when the fan comes on automatically when you turn on the switch.
  • A very large granite counter in the bathroom with two sinks. You know, because I like to use at the same time :)
I just realized that all of these items are in the bathroom, I will just stop there and continue more later. I check out the bathroom first in almost every hotel I go into.

Okay, I'm going to play with the dog I am dog sitting this week, Bailey, a boxer that brings me red toys to play with.


Candice said...

My favorite post in a while. SO....the water you save with the urinal...will be used on the bidet, right?

Hope you are great JTizzle!

Lynda said...

Are there any other rooms in this house? And will there be other rooms in your house you plan on having some day? I think your house in SC has more rooms than just the water closet!!!!

Ms. Walker said...

Seriously, that is sooo funny! I just cannot believe that I actually do feel the same way about the bathroom as you do. Is that weird? hmmm...No, I don't think it is weird. I think everything you said was accurate. Good, we are both sane. Now go enjoy a sunset :-)

The Journey said...

I have no idea how I got to your blog but this post made me giggle! Never thought about how much guys think about bathrooms.