Thursday, February 14, 2008

San Diego Bound

It is official. I signed the offer letter today and I'm officially moving to San Diego, California for a few years. Thank-you to my friends out there that prayed for me while I made this decision. It's tough to leave everything you know, but after I went through everything, I realized it was good for me to jump out my zone for a few years and experience something new. I'll be moving as soon as an apartment gets set-up for me to move into. I am keeping my house in Tiger town, so don't worry, I'll be back!

Since the summer, I have wanted an Iphone. So to celebrate my new job, I reward myself with an iphone. I am going to try my best not to make this a tech idol, so far, I am trying not to love it. :)

I'll be back and forth to San Diego for the next few weeks, and then eventually move in a month or so. Keep in mind friends that San Diego has the the world's best zoo, Sea World, and lots of good beaches and places to eat. Tickets are cheap to fly out there, so I expect to see you all soon :)

Also, tomorrow is SAD day. Single Awareness Day, so if anyone wants to celebrate with me, do share. Otherwise, I'll probably hang out with Tavaras, not a girl, Rhett, not a girl, Eddie, not a girl, or some other person that is not a girl.


Ashleigh said...

JT~ I am excited about this new opportunity for you! Will you have a new job out there or keep the same one? Much prayers and love. Have a great day!

erin said...

wow..thats a huge change there sir. but its exciting...who knows what kinda cool things God has out there for you. we really do need to catch up soon.

Ashleigh said...

i just re-read this and it says that you signed the offer letter, so yeah, i think that would mean you have a new job. no need to answer my other question. LOL! sorry for the oversight.

Justin Tanner said...

Was looking back over this blog, crazy all the things that God had for me out here. Thanks for the prayers back then. :)