Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I have now been in the bed for the 3rd day. It's amazing how much you learn to appreciate and be thankful for good health when you get sick. Some people are chronically ill and never get better, I cannot imagine.

I watched "Facing the Giants" tonight. The movie was quite amazing. It was funded by the church and everyone donated their time, talents, etc to make it happen. The movie does not have professional actors, as you will see, but it is such a good movie, you will quickly overlook. I had a few tears, I confess.

It's been a crazy past few weeks. How many books have been written on making decisions. It seems like everywhere you look, there is something written about it. I'm glad I have Jesus and although it is not always cookie cutter easy, He helps make things clearer. See, one thing I like about how God deals with me, is that, He knows I need things really really clear, because I'm really not that smart. Ray Comfort says that, in the Garden of Eden, God put Adam into deep sleep, the scripture never records waking him up. So it is possible that we men are still in some sort of weird sleep, this could help explain a lot.

Anyway, God knows that I need very clear paths, and even after clear paths, I need a little push. He has done all of that for me in the past few weeks and time will tell how this works out. I think we as Christians take ourselves too serious. I think God is so big that He could have us do 100 jobs and still be in His will.

He's not as concerned about our vocation as He is about our heart while we do it.

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