Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Christian Dating

I know people laugh when I write blogs about dating, mainly because I'm single. :) But c'mon, Jesus was single, Paul was single, well some say he might have been married at some point, but he was single when he wrote most of the New Testament.

So I was listening to Mark Driscoll's sermon on Christian Dating. He made a point that I find myself talking about a lot with people lately. Mainly to girls, listen, if a guy asks you on a date, it's a date, it is not marriage, it is not engagement, it is a DATE. It is only good for one night. If you go out, and hate it, don't go back out, and be honest and tell the guy no. Don't try an appease him, or don't try and feel like you have to go out a few times and think it will be like people describe beer to me, "keep drinking, you will end up liking it." No, I did not like the first one I had and I probably will not if I keep drinking it. We Christians takes dating WAY too serious. IT IS A DATE. If you are a girl, look at the bright side, this is a FREE MEAL! If the guys sucks, hey, you still get a free meal and you can check one guy off the list as NOT for you, you only have 48394839u548753 more :)

Girls, wait on a guy who will ask you out to your face or at least on the phone. Don't settle for a guy who asks you out on facebook, that's cheap. I probably offended a few people, sorry. Wait for a guy who has enough balls to take a chance and ask you out. A friend of mine recently got asked out by a guy at a bar. I watched it happen. I met the guy, he was clearly drunk. She walked away so excited about being asked out. I was like, WHAT! The guy was drunk. I told her that she was worth way more than that. She said that no guy had ever asked her out point blank. That is sad! Step up dudes and put it down. If you think the girl is worth it, sacrifice your pride, ask her out, if she says no, you can rest and know that, hey, you tried. Move on.

I think the main reason someone might be happy that a drunk guy ask them out is they really don't know their worth. If you are a believer, meaning you love Jesus, you should know that you are not just some girl, you are a child of the King of Kings, you are daughter of the ruler of the universe, and He thought enough of you to die for you. He knows you are worth something. You should too. Prove it to Him by waiting on a guy who loves Jesus, show you the love of Jesus by the way he treats and pursues you.

Dating in itself can be tough, that's why it is dating. :)

One thing I will say about San Diego, on a side note. There are so many things to do, Tavaras and I discussed that if you cannot come up with a cool date in San Diego, you have issues.


erin said...

preach it mr. tanner. i miss reading stuff like that from can be wise about dating and be can happen:)hope san diego is going well so far.

Chris Moody said...

Watch out dirtlegs!!! JT is on the way!!

GE is me said...

Justin, I agree with Erin. As women, we see the old biological clock ticking & all our friends involved in relationships & feel left out. We long for that relationship. Sooo, we settle. Not right, but unfortunately it happens. Been there, done that, got the shirt. It is amazing how when you do wait on God, how very beautiful it is. But as someone who got married later in life, I can totally relate to what you said. Also as the complex beings that us women are we tend to read more into dating.
I try to encourage my single friends to wait on the Lord.
So, I hope your friend took your advice when you told her she was worth more than that.

JT said...

Erin, u need to come visit once I get relocated :)

Chris, No comment.

Gail...thanks for the thoughts. I think you are so right. Dating is so tough for us singles and there are so many dynamics. I'm not going to lie, I think it's fun, but it can be tricky!