Sunday, November 04, 2007


I have cleaned so much this weekend. What in the world is wrong with me. I really think I have been taken over by someone else. Ed came and got his boat today and I thought, hmm, the garage is dirty. For hours, I took every single thing out of it, cleaned it, swept, used the blower, and now I can park the Rover in there and can actually see the floor. I even have room for my dirtbike to live beside the Rover. I finished staining the table I bought also. I went metro and painted the legs black and stained the top a maple brown. I think it turned out quite well.

Go pick up Josh Turner's new cd, it's COUNTRY. I like it. I sing background vocals on it, NOT.

I'm officially domesticating.


GE is me said...

I hope you weren't cleaning the garage naked. :)

JT said...

HAHA. only when the door is closed.

Okay so no I don't, bathroom only. I can't believe I wrote that on my blog, something is wrong with me.

Ed said...

Hey... Now there's room for my boat too! I'll bring it back this weekend.

GE is me said...

Nah, nothing wrong with you, just expressing your views & honest with your life. BTW there is a blog that I read check out off of Lee Cunningham's - it is a Walt Tanner- any relation to you? (Just from the pix I think he looks a bit like you or vice versa).


hey look at that!!! I go off and get married, leaving you and you finally decide to park the car in the garage. I like doing that too.