Monday, April 23, 2007

What in the world?

So I was driving yesterday and I have always wondered about cars with Fish on them.  The fish as everyone knows identifies "believers" but I've always been really skeptical about putting one on my car.  I just don't want to do something stupid on the road one day and make Jesus look bad by my driving.  I know that probably sounds stupid but I see a lot of people on the road that can't drive worth a flip and they have a whole family of fish on the back of their car. 

I saw a car with a fish on it yesterday and as I pulled up beside her, I saw that she also had a "Shut-up and Drive" sticker on her gas cap.  The sticker was a big cell phone with an "X" over it.  Basically, she was telling people that she was a Christian, she was also telling them to get off their cell phones.  That's okay and cool, until I got a little closer to her and see her chatting away on her cell phone.  I had to laugh.  Really hard.  I wanted to hold up my cell phone and then point to her lil sticker but I refrained from being a jerk, well just yesterday :) 

If you have a fish on your car, that's awesome, but make sure you are a good driver and don't routinely cut people off in traffic and drive like an idiot :)

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