Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shooting Competition

So the crazy thing is that I am writing this blog while riding down the road.  No I am not driving, but sitting in the backseat of a co-worker/friend's car.  The Verizon card is definitely pretty cool!  Our company sponsored a clay target shooting competition with 18 teams of 4.  We went down and placed 3rd.  I wasn't quite sure how well I would do because I haven't shot on a course ever, and haven't shot skeet in well, I really can't tell you when, lots of years.  Okay, so I will brag, I got 3rd place :)  If you are being attacked and you are at my house, feel safe, I'm a good shot.  I've also realized that I'm not skinny.  I think guys that gain a little weight should embrace the fact that in an ice storm, we will keep everyone warmer :)
It really is crazy that I just wrote this blog at 65mph :)

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Julie said...

Congratulations! I wouldn't expect anything less from a Dillon Boy, though! It's all those "Turkey Shoots" you went to growing up!