Thursday, April 26, 2007

To the Dirty South!

So I am heading to the dirty south this fine day. That's Atlanta for the white people. I have my first voice lesson/consultation. This is basically where someone who knows a lot shares with someone who doesn't know a lot. I hope this really helps me get some good feedback and move forward. She is one of the top people in the business and has been in some tv shows as well as coached stars like Harry Connick Jr. I'm excited! I am kinda tired of waiting around for something to come along and I am willing to work at this.

Okay so Ed and Julie are about to have a baby, Chris Moody is about to have sex, I mean, get married. Well, and I went to the grocery store, u know the place where fast food is on the shelf, and I came home and cooked my own food. I think these things could all be prophecy being fulfilled. Ed bringing a kid into the world?

Jesus must be coming back SOON.


Chris Moody said...


Daniel said...

i'll take bets on Jesus coming back before Chris Moody has sex. I mean, gets married!

Jodi said...

You make me laugh Justin Tanner!