Tuesday, December 19, 2006

they keep spinnin

So wow. The rims, they just keep spinning. We went up to West Virginia this weekend for some nice snow skiing :) We had an awesome time, such a good time, and such pain and tiredness that we decided to end a day early :) Instead of skiing all day on Sunday, we just sold our lift tickets and drove home. It was great snow and my "blades" were fun as usual, as well as the trail mix I found in my ski pockets from last year! ewwww, yummy. After spending a week of work in Houston, then straight to WV, then now in Southern Cali, I am beat! I woke up this morning at 4AM to fly to Los Angeles. I am just NOW getting in, I have almost been up an entire day!

It was an interesting day. I walk out of LAX and the first thing I see is a guy telling me I look like a movie star and have a nice beard. He then goes on to tell me how I can have inner peace. I hear him out and then look him straight in the eye and tell him with excitement that Jesus Christ has given me more peace than anything or anyone in the world and I will trust Him alone. He then went on to tell me that he trusts Him. I then tell him that he doesn't trust him completely, then he tries to tell me he does, then I tell him he is a hare chrishna and not trusting Jesus alone for the forgiveness of his sins. He then tells me to have a good afternoon :) I love Jesus and I love that in so many ways, He gave us no shady areas. He was clear on the essentials!

Now I'm off to bed in my HUGE KING SIZE bed with a white comforter, which is my new favorite kind of comforter. I have learned that if you stay in hotels enough, this is the best. I hope you are all well and sharing what you learn, now go serve your King.

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Sabrina said...

So i don't check your blog for months (i know, i'm a bad friend) and i check it today to find that you're in LA! so cool. have fun and don't work too hard. oh, and if you happen to run into Orlando Bloom, please feel free to give him my number. haha!