Wednesday, December 20, 2006

sittin on the dock of...

Back from Cali.  Well kinda. I am sitting in ATL airport after flying all night and had a nice lil few hour layover that gave me enough time to reach the end of the internet.  I am seeing my bed in my head and how I am going to walk in, put my pj's on, yes it's okay for boyz to wear Pj's.   Then, I will turn my fan on, the noise will be really loud, and I will sleep hard core for a few hours!  This week was interesting.  It's crazy to be working on something that makes you stretch your brain big time. 

Also, if you are one of those people who constantly invites me to eat fatty food like everyday, (Rhett), please do not invite me.  I will be happy to eat a healthy meal with you in my house or yours, but I am refusing eating out this week!  I know Pat at Macs will give me crap about not visiting, and the girls at Zaxby's will frown, and the stock of Zaxby's will continue to drop...I must do what I have to do.

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Jessica said...

hey! thanks for your comment and your congrats! I apprectiate it.. and knowing that my blog has not disappeared into internet oblivion was comforting as well... please tell julie and ed that I am SOOOO excited for them and I know that they are going to make the cutest lil baby that has ever lived and give Lisa my congrats as well. Maybe they'll all end up at the REAL univeristy of South Carolina together one day... that'd be pretty neat! (Hopefully we'll have a better football team by then!) Thanks and hope you had a Merry Christmas!