Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Read this link in the title before you read any further.

Starbucks has a program where they print quotes on their cups that express opinions from many different people. The question I have for people is this. Starbucks has given money to gay rights organizations and many other organizations such as Planned Parenthood. The question I have is...at what point should a Christian stop supporting these type of companies? Now I know that everyone loves Starbucks and it really does have great coffee. I am not a big fan of boycotting places but when I see these type of companies giving money to organizations that support abortion, that's a tough one. What are your thoughts?


Blake Wilbanks said...

Point of correction. Starbucks does not have really great coffee, it's mediocre. They do have good coffee drinks (carmel maciavelli and such).

Sandy Gibbes said...

Start a new coffee company....


I will think of a better name.

My apologies.