Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween at Canterbury!

So I know I always talk about parties and how much I love them...and today, I will again. So we planned a Halloween party about a week ago and nobody really responded. Usually when we have parties, a ton of people respond and come and it's so much fun. But again, nobody responded and on Monday I was like, "hey let's just not have it, not many people are going to come." The roomies and I talked it over and decided that we should have it anyway. It wasn't the biggest party we have ever had but it was still JUST RIGHT. We had so much fun! I don't think I have danced that much in a long time and my gorilla suit was proof of it! I stood in the yard before the party and scared people, oh how fun.

Perry had written a blog a while back about seeing cars pull into the parking lot and how excited that got him to know that so many people were coming to church. I think in many people who have the gift of evangelism, people just make you come alive. There is something unexplainable that happens when you see people come together and especially in a ministry setting. I know our party wasn't reaching the world with the gospel but it still just reminded me of what Heaven will be like (minus a few Tupac songs that played) and it just makes me happy. I like the big banquet idea and I like lots of food, and people shaking hands, hugging, and caring about each other. I like the idea of the focus being on what is around you and not being on yourself and being selfish. I like knowing people are having a good time and for a moment, life is good to them and they are experiencing fun and joy, and all those other fun Godly words :)

I'm just doing a lot of rambling because my eyes are tired, my legs are weak, my back is wet, my neck is soaked, i'm nasty, and just ready for bed :)

I was challenged earlier in the week to "remember the gospel." Not just to believe and be happy that you are a Christian, but to remember the One who was tortured, beaten, whipped, cursed, bruised, and murdered to give you a fountain of grace to drink from. I like what one of our pastors at church said...Jesus didn't die this private death, He didn't live his life in a cave, or in the woods, or somewhere crazy like the religious cult leaders. He blessed people publicly, healed them publicly, loved them publicly, judged them publicly, and ...okay, this sermon must end. Remember Him, okay?

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