Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The feeling of getting it done

This totally should not make me happy. Yes, I just took a picture of my bed. See, after buying a house from Stunningman, he left much of his furniture in the house until he bought another house. Yes, I was sleeping in Stunningman's bed until the repo man himself came and took everything, haha. Hey, he's got another house now, and his furniture needed him. So I have been furniture shopping. 4 years ago, I could have cared less to go furniture shopping, how boring. Well, I have become domesticated. I think I used that word right. Anyway, I have been roaming around looking at beds, couches, and all sorts of other stuff. Being the manly men we are, Standy and I got a nice tv and surround sound system before we really got anything else. Men. Mizz Wezz went with me to Greenville yesterday, well we didn't actually go. On the way there, I asked her if she minded driving to Atlanta on a whim. She was happy, so off we went. I bought a bed! It didn't fit very well in the back of my Jeep, so we stuffed it. I really wanted to get a really cool bed that looked different. I got home around 11:30 and could not go to sleep. I kept looking at the box and had to start putting it together. When I get something on my mind, I have to get it done. I stayed up until about 1:30 putting it together. Today, I went and bought a phat mattress...ammmmm....a beauty rest. How awesome it is. So right now, I'm laying in my new bed, new mattress, and very thankful for my job and the things God has blessed me with. It feels so good to work really hard and sit back and relax after everything gets done.

On a side note, I went to a Vietnamese restaurant on Monday night. You are talking about good. I had never eaten anything like that, so good, and so healthy. They bring out this big bowl of soup with shrimp, chicken, and beef. Then they bring out a plate full of stuff that looks like they got it from the backyard. You pull the leaves off and put it in your soup. I really like eating at the "not so normal" places. I also met a man inside that taught us some really cool ninja type moves, popped my friends back, and then found out that I went to school with his son. A very fun evening.

On another note and I have talked about this many times. Why are women breastfeeding all over the place these days? I mean c'mon. Just because the weather is getting warm and people are throwing frisbees does not mean you can do that in a restaurant. I least try to shield yourself! Men cannot have a normal conversation with a woman if she has her boob in her hand, I don't care how natural many of you say that is. Maybe in Africa, but not in Walhalla, SC. haha. Posted by Picasa


Candice said...

I love the bedspread and the looks really nice JT. Good job to JT & Mizz Wezz.

Holly said...

Hey Justin Tanner. Does this mean you live in Clemson in Lee's old house. I had heard that you and Sandy both moved to Columbia also. Thats crazy. I had to get a new phone so I dont have your number. I want to come to your house. Not your window, your house. LOL. I am funny and I miss you and the Sandster. Love Holly-who-still-hopes-we-can-be-friends-cause-its-been-like-forever-and-she-knows-its-her-fault.

JT said...


Mizz wezz was a great help, she helped me to not be aggravated when I got lost from some wack directions...

dear Holly-who-still-hopes-we-can-be-friends

Yes, sanch and I bought Lee's old house and we live here. And yes I miss you, you should be hanging out! My number is 650-1539 and u should come hang out! We all miss you.

Laura said...

Like the bed... looks like one from Ikea that I want to buy.

Laura said...

Did you get the bed spread from Ikea too? That place is dangerous because I could buy the place out, if I had room for all that furniture.