Monday, March 27, 2006

few things I like...

So I totally have the greatest friends ever. I think I got more emails, phone calls, facebook messages, etc etc than ever before. My mommy sent me the sweetest card too.

It really is nice to have friends all over the place. I am so thankful for all of them, and if you are reading this, you are probably one of them. Unless you are one of those weirdos that searches google for really strange stuff and ends up finding my blog. Well I guess that says I'm strange too because, well anyway. Oh yeah, I also have a super sweet girlfriend who made me two cakes and extremely fat over the weekend. She's also a great gift giver and quite attractive. I mean, not that I look for that kinda thing in a girl. uh huh.

I have been visiting different churches for a while now. I never really feel that feeling that most people feel when they want to become apart of something. Some people say that you should just go, commit, and then it will grow on you. I just have never felt like that, it's like I don't want to taste a meal for the first time, not like it, but continue eating it because someone says I will aquire a taste for it. No, I want to like it from the first bite and continue to like it more and more, ie. Zaxby's and Chick-fil-a. But anyway. I visited CrossPoint in Clemson this weekend and liked it the first time. I felt welcome and it was a very friendly environment. There were many people there that I've crossed paths with through the years so that was neat. The teaching was superb and just right on point. He went through verse by verse and still provided a relevant message. It's a tough thing to find a church that can have a relevant message and still have solid biblical teaching and an open and welcoming atmosphere.

I have to admit, I straight up watch people. On business trips, I am a people watcher, in airports, I am a people watcher. Well, in church, I am a people watcher. A woman that was sitting a few rows across from me was crying during the message. You could tell that she was fighting it and was doing the thing girls do when they try to fight crying. The keep pushing out the corner of their eye as if their eyes are doing something wrong. It's neat to see a visual of what conviction and understanding does in a person, it's goooood.

I also like funny stories, like Stunningman's girlfriend, everytime she visits, I make her tell me a gross story about her doctor's office. It's so funny and gross to hear, but I luv it. We all went to Wild Wing on Friday and I got to her some new ones from another friend of ours...well, Standy had a hard time eating after a few of them, if that tells you anything.

I started listening to Relient K again and also to The, now that's good stuff. Not to mention that I love Johnny Cash and his music is GOOOOOOD.


erin said...

i am glad you had a good birthday..i started to call you but figured everyone else would be...and you would be with your girlfriend probably;) so i will just call you some other random time.

Ed said...

Basically Erin just said, "I'll just call you when your girlfriend's not around."

Glad you found a fitting church.

erin said...

man..ed figured me out. whatever i was sad kami wasnt in rock hill when i was..but i guess since it was your birthday we will let it slide.

JT said...

haha, yall crazy...and my girlfriend's name is spelled Cami...get it right Erin ...:)

erin said...

gah i knew know just gonna quit commenting on your blog justin tanner..just gets me in trouble.