Saturday, February 18, 2006

on the road again

It seems like lately, I have been on the road nonstop and the funny
thing, I love it. There is something about going from place to place
that does it for me. Seeing new people, eating at new restaurants,
and of course, king size hotel bed, or queens too. I'm going to start
helping my friend Ashley with the Song of Solomon conferences as an
MC. Today it snowed really hard and worried that kids might not come
but they did, so that's good news. I got to do something today that
I've always wanted to do. Well I shouldn't say always wanted to do,
but u know what I mean. I asked the kids to say the "S" word really
loud in church, in the sanctuary of all places. Yes, I had the repeat
the "SEX" word really loud. It was great and made my day. Everything
went well and I really hope these kids carry home something of good

Derwin Grey was the speaker and he did a good job. At one point, he
was explaining to the kids about how to "consummate" the marriage.
But instead of saying "consummate", he says, and this is how you
"constipate" the marriage. I about lost it. Whitley, you would have
definitely lost it. We get to get up tomorrow and do it all over
again, fun times ahead!


Jenn Robinson said...

Justin Tanner... All great evangelist's love to be on the road...

erin said...

oh my gosh..i would have been rolling too. i mean two hilarious and being bodily problems..and then you combine them...will have me rolling every time.

michael sapp said...

well, we all have special gifts. JT only you could pull off the evangelist and sex MC at the same time. We are looking into the conference in columbia. thanks for the info.

Jonathan Mew "SAX 4 ALL OCCASIONS" said...

JT.......JM! I am truly impressed with the way you have chosen to live your life for Christ. I'm with Sapp on the Sex thing, lol. Glad to see that you're doing well! "Chico"....

JT said...

You guys are hilarious. Jonathan and Miko, I tell stories about yall all the time. Mainly Jonathan's gas story from Mrs. Griffin's class. Who actually gets up out their seat and farts in the door of a room full of students...Jonathan Mew ladies and gents.

Cami said...

I'll vouch for it being hilarious that Justin got everyone to shout out sex. Justin, you failed to mention the other funny story of mistaking the 6th grade girl for a boy!! :)
I will also vouch that you tell the Jonathan story alot too! :)