Friday, March 10, 2006

Song of Solomon

So for the past few weeks I have been helping with Song of Solomon. I am not a big promoter of someone or something unless I really believe in it. I'm very critical of what I tell people to listen and learn from. I heard Song of Solomon taught by Tommy Nelson my freshman year of college. He spoke at Ridgecrest and it was super good. I have listened to the messages a bazillion times and always learn something new. He goes through the Song of Solomon verse by verse and teaches how a man is to pursue a woman, date a woman, respect, love, affirm, court, romance, and eventually, well...the romance and sex parts :). I have heard many sermons on dating and they all offer good advice but in reality, many of them are some man's opinion of what he has or does with his wife. Good advice is good, but when you hear something directly from the Word it holds so much more power and weight. Probably one of the biggest struggles in mature Christian singles is dating. We just don't have a clue. I know most guys don't. In the Bible, God always spoke to men two times...Saul Saul, Moses Moses, Samuel Samuel. We need help! The conference goes through:

Art of Attraction
Art of Dating
Art of Courtship
Art of Conflict
Art of Romance
Art of Intimancy
Art of Commitment

You will learn things that are in the Bible that you never thought would be there. Unless you understand the cultural context and history, many of the ideas and verses won't make as much sense. Like...Solomon talks about the womans...well, I'll just let you listen to the teaching yourself. Some of it might make you turn red :)

The next conference will be in Columbia, SC on March 31-April 1. It starts on a friday night at First Baptist Church. It will start again on Saturday morning from like 9 until noon. You can register online at

It is a good conference if you are single, dating, or married. If you are in college, I think the cost is around $20. If you would like to volunteer, there are a few tickets available free.

I totally just had a commercial on my blog. :)

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Sarah said...

JT! I'm with you, man! Tommy Nelson is awesome! I STILL talk about that weekend at Ridgecrest! I love his stuff! He just makes scripture so personal and applicable! I'm going to have to try to come to that conference! Thanks for the info! Hope you're doing great. Email me sometime! SA-SA