Tuesday, September 13, 2005


So forgive me for not blogging after I said that I would. But this
blog must be quickly written. Daily my coworkers and I go out for
lunch. It's our bonding/fun time of the day that we look forward to.
Well...that all changed today. We decided that we had not had a
burger in a while so we decided on Hardees. We walk in the door and
the first thing we see is a small baby spread out butt naked at one of
the tables being wiped. Oh my, my my. What in the world? Do people
really believe that this is okay. There are a few things that should
be written in peoples' minds from birth:

Do not ride 40 mph in the passing lane.
Do not wipe your baby at a restaurant table.
If you use the last piece of toilet paper, replace the roll.
Do not double dip the chip.

If you abide by these small rules, many things in your life will run smoothly.

I guess I could write that you should also never date someone on the
rebound. The stats are not good in that area. High rebounds are not
good for your game.


erin said...

wise words from the rebound king! i am telling you...i am not getting any younger..i need a little catalyst help mr. tanner..i mean can we just hang out..and then maybe it will get something going for me. hope you are well..miss ya..mean it.

JT said...

Erin, just a few dates and you should have a ring by spring. I can beat CIU's promise to you.

daniel r. bass said...

I told Kyle not to change Katelyn Grace's diapers on the table!

Ed said...

What do you think they did with all that junk, all that junk inside it's trunk? That lovely baby dump.