Thursday, September 15, 2005

Much Needed Break

So after a few months of intense work, I will be leaving for a mini vacation / work for a week. We are going to California to work for a few days and then hopping over to Las Vegas for a few days of fun. I have never been to either place, so I am excited. So let me tell you the plan. We will have a day extra in California, so I plan to tour around and see this and that. Yes, this and that is a great places in California :)

So after a day of fun and a few days of work, I am flying with a coworker over to Vegas where I will meet my roomie, Sanch, and another friend of mine from work. Here is the fun part. I have a few small somewhat worldly dreams if I may. One was to sky dive. Done. The other well...I can't share. But it's Godly. And one of them fly out to the most pimped out ride I can find, and cruise around the city. If all goes well, this will happen this time next week :) Here is a picture of it. Yes, that is a Ferrari.

We will cruise around for a few hours, preferably in a white suit that I bought from a thrift store, but we shall see about that. We also want to play some type of theme from a show....maybe miami vice or something corny like that. It shall be a good time!


Ed said...

That looks just like the Fiero!

michael sapp said...

Wow, I'm with Ed. Looks like the Fiero. Hey man, getting a group together to go to Passion '06, let me know if you are interested in going.

Candice said...

Guys and cars.

Wear the white suit and take pictures!! Great stuff!