Friday, September 30, 2005

Okay, so back to the car. I should have tucked in my pink shirt to look more like Don Johnson but I guess this was close enough. Talk about a fun day. There is nothing like driving this car. To sit in the car instantly puts you in the realm of something incredible. As soon as you hear the engine crank, blood starts flowing fast through your body. This car was not made to be driven the speed limit. I am not saying that I broke the speed limit, I am just saying that this car was made for big things and big roads, and guys with small feet whom I don't fit the build of the feet part. I think I was raced by every car you can possibly imagine. One guy even spun his car around to come back and try to race me. He was driving an Audi, which I could have easily beaten, but I chose to reframe from such childish things :) Many of you might think this is really shallow and a waste of money. So. Who cares. I have 3 small worldy dreams. 2 of them have come true. 1 was to sky dive. Check. The other was to go some cool place and rent the coolest car I could find and well...test the limits of the automobile. Don't ask about the 3rd. More like...ask my wife , if God ever sends me one of those. The funniest part about renting this car was a guy I met at the gas station. He was an older gentleman who walked up to me really sweaty. He had been walking for a long time. He asked if he could have a ride, he just needed to get a mile down the road. I told him that I could give him a ride. Then I turn around and tell him to hop into the Ferrari, he was quite excited. Well let me just say that we got to his destination really quick. I got to share the gospel with him really fast, literally. It was the quickest presentation God has ever allowed me to have. What a fun time.

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