Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Out of Range

Life has sort of picked me up and dropped me off somewhere that I
wasn't expecting. I never used to have to plan my life around a
calendar but it seems that ways these days. I feel like a nerd
saying...."I need to check my calendar." It would be nice to have
someone to do that for you...hint hint God.

So I have to run again but if anyone out there is interested in going
west to Las Vegas....the week of Sept. 18-24th...holla at me. I'll be
out that way for work and my special roomie Standy Gibbes is meeting
me out there. More would be merrier!

I will write a real blog soon, I promise. I'll make sure it's
something that has been simmering in the realm of thought and whatever
else goes on upstairs.

Also...would anyone in the upstate area be interested in having a "sit
around and talk" group using John Piper...."Life as a Vapor" or "Don't
Waste your life"????? I am thinking maybe Monday nights.....



juju said...

would love some piper...

Billy Rogers said...

how is my far away friend? the nights are lonely with out you.

JT said...

To Billy:

How I do miss you too. Since you got a "boo" now, I am lonely w/o you. Well not really, but did that make you feel good?

To Jujuls:

We shall get you a date soon for our discussion time.

jerri said...

Justin Tanner, I'd follow you anywhere..even to Vegas! Only problem is those dern law school classes on Monday through Wednesday. :( Dumb education always trying to hold the woman down. Sounds like quite an adventure though.

erin said...

Justin Tanner,
I just started my addictions class if you come back from Vegas an addict...I got your back.

Candice said...

i may not be around for the piper thing...but if i am...i would love to come....

now give us another post :)

Sandy Gibbes said...

am I not merry enough? Are you not entertained??

lauren said...

seriously jt...your public is waiting for some words of wisdom (or at least some words). bring it.