Monday, October 04, 2004


I pee all the time now. It's the strangest thing. I really believe that I have become a woman. Well, ok, so not a woman, but maybe I just pee like one, I'm not sure. I can remember on long trips, always making fun of the person who has to stop at every rest area. Now I count the miles and the average distance between rest areas is generally about 40 miles, give or take. I pee at work at least 2 times per hour, maybe more. This should not be. I am a man. Men are not supposed to pee like this. I think I am being punished for all the times I have made a joke of female bladders. God has given me one.

One time, about the 2nd or 3rd time I ever spoke anywhere I think was at Lexington High School. I've never been late for any speaking engagement and I am proud of that. Late for many other things, but not speaking. Well this day, my friend Noel and I hit traffic on the interstate, it was impossible. I was supposed to be at the school at 2:30, I pulled up at 2:35. Never had I been to the school and of course I don't know where anything is. I took off running. I ran into a room of maybe 400-500 kids I would say. It was packed. A lady approached me, asked if my name was Justin, I said yes. She says, if u need some time, go over there, you're up after the skit. I went back in the hall way, just to relax a second and get some water, I don't remember peeing. The skit ends and I go on stage.

What an awesome time it was. I planned something to speak on, but God said scrap that. I ended up talking about honesty and being real with your family and witnessing to them. I'm about to die 3 minutes into the talk. I have to pee so bad. So, being it was an honesty conversation, I confessed that I had to pee very badly. Few chuckles. I gave the talk and was about 3/4 the way done when the bell rings. Now I know what the bell meant when i was in high school. RING RING = freedom. You stop everything and leave school. I was sad that I was not finished and the kids might leave. Well what happens?

THEY TELL ME TO GO PEE! What an amazing time it was. A few of the kids left and many stayed. I had time to run to the bathroom, do my bizzzzznass, and come back and finish the talk. They patiently waited. What a fun day.

So it's been a long time since I sat down to write a blog. The effects of the dog, u know, the orange one are still haunting my life. I figured by keeping a blog up for so long, someone might want to rescue her from her despair of clay the color of Clemson and no shade, ok, maybe not.

On a serious note, I've been learning a lot lately. It seems that God is questioning why I do the things I do. My heart is on the witness stand in more ways than one. I'm learning that many people are genuinely selfish, and I am learning that I can be one of those people.

On a positive note, I met a woman on the side of the road yesterday, she was very funny. She met her husband at seminary, dated 2 months, then got married. Wow. She has been married for many years with lots of kids and a good life. Her name is Cyndi and she liked to talk. It's fun getting advice from a stranger on the side of the road. Like the old commercial for seatbelts, "You can learn a lot from a dummy, buckle up." Well you can learn a lot from strangers, so listen up. Did I just say that? I repent. It's true though. Insight and listening to people who have lived longer than you is deep. Their story has had much more time to mature. Cyndi told me that she would not go back and by my age for anything in the world. Haha. That was comforting. She told me that I was going to face many things in the future. I hope I handle them in a Godly way.

I've had the same sized head since I was born, my body has only somewhat grown into it. And i stress, somewhat.


Noel said...

I remember that random trip... and its funny that I seem to be recollecting all these things about Clemson and talk to people from Clemson who I haven't talked to in over four years.... and then out of the sky falls this trip that I am going to be making to Clemson for Homecoming! This is going to rock, baby! I'm going to eat at Zaxby's, the Explorer, that place by the tennis courts with its Caribbean Jerk pizza, the place near downtown with its gumbo and jambalaya.... I'm going to knock heads with the football team ..... hah - three years ago was the last I was there... you better be ready for me... and Chairmen of the Board... I'm playing the CD all the way down!

Holly said...

Hey Justin. Its about time you blogged. I was close to giving up. ARe you drinking alot of water, if so, that could be why you are peeing alot. I mean, just in case you were looking for an explanation. Love Holly