Tuesday, October 19, 2004


They are everywhere. There are approximately 6 pillows on the king size bed I am currently sleeping on. I cannot figure out what to do with all of them. I first created a small mountain at the headboard of the bed to simulate me just laying at the peak, that didn't work. So now I just have randomly placed them around the top. What in the world. I guess if 3 people were sleeping in this bed and used a few pillows each, maybe the 6 pillows would work out and all would be great.

I'm in Texas right now for work and I can still blog. How great and amazing. It is great being around people and meeting new people. But let me tell ya, walking out the airport into thick Houston heat is a wake up call! It's muy caliente!

A group of us went on a camping trip this past Saturday night. There is so much to be thankful for. God has not only given us life with Him, He also gave us pretty things to look at in our small time we spend here. Yes I just used the word "pretty." I could have used "awesome" but that is a word that should take a break from the Christian lingo, the Lord knows I use it too much. Haha. Anyway. Shooting stars are great, we saw a few of those. Smores are good too. Hotdogs on a stick, well hanger, are great too. Mainly when they are ball park and they plump when you cook them. What a great commercial.

The Lord is so good to us. We should never forget that. He has really done great things.

Until next time, I'll try and figure out how the remote control for the Nintendo 64 is shared by everyone in the hotel. We had a hard time in an apartment of 4 in college. Oh the questions in this life!


Candice said...

God IS so good! That's a great reminder--thanks JT!

Jason said...

Other great things on the camping trip.... fleece sleeping bags, starting fires, seeing my boys, and cuddling with buddies.

Laura said...


This is Laura Ardrey. Did you know that you have to sign up for a blog in order to post a comment here? I set up an account even though I won't use it ever. So I apologise for this blatent abuse of web space.

Anyway, I really like reading your journal. You are cool. You should read my journal. You can find it at at www.livejournal.com/users/3000miles. And unlike this blog, you can comment without being a user, so you don't have to feel guilty for setting up a fake account. :)

I hope you are well and enjoying life. It sounds like you are. Man, I want to go camping and do fun things outdoors here in DC. First thing though, I want to find fun people here who like to do fun stuff like that so I can have people to enjoy it with. So pray for that for me, if you are so inclined.

Take care Justin! I'll keep on reading your blog. :)