Friday, October 15, 2004

I've never been there

Most likley, Jesus never stepped foot in Australia, but people there passionately love and follow Him over 2k years later. Simply amazing.


Candice said...

Hmmmmm--good thought. I never really thought about Jesus never stepping a foot there...but people really do love him. It's interesting how you can't keep a good thing (like Jesus) a secret for very long. Someone had to tell them--I hope I can be more like that. Thanks for the encouragement!

tia said...

i've been there!

Hey Justin! I had to create an account just to talk to you. You should feel special. I can account for the people in Australia. Not entirely since I was only there for 4 months. There's not very many Christians there but nevertheless they ARE there! Australia is a very modern country and I think they realized that religion has never really helped anyone and that applies to Christianity as well.

Hope you are doing well! Let me know whats up from time to time. I found your blog through Laura's blog and then Jessica Hunter's! You can check mine out if you want- it's

Take care!