Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Dog I Want to Wash

Daily on my drive home, I pass by a house. There is a huge St. Bernard in the backyard. She is a her. I think her name is Molly. I met her one day with my roommate Chris. We asked if we could stop and pet her. A very sweet dog. I had a St. Bernard as a lil boy and his name was "Beethoven", but I called him "babe." They are "leaners." Which means that as you stand near them, they want to lean up against you constantly. If you don't know, St. Bernards are one of the largest breeds. That animal leaning against you is not much like a poodle or a....well some of those other weird small dog names.

Back to Molly. Molly needs a bath. She is about the color of Clemson. Totally orange. Well looks orange to me, remember I'm color blind, coffee black, eggs white (Counting Crows.) I'm actually red-green deficient. Anyway, this dog is ORANGE! I drive by daily and just want to wash her. She leans up against the house because I don't think the owners spend much time with her. Molly likes to lay in the clay, thus the orange color. I'm not big into washing neighbors dogs, don't get me wrong. I used to not like washing our own St. Bernard because he didn't like water. One time, we tied him to the steel trampoline to hold him, well he drug it around a lil ways.

I really enjoy just writing. Especially when you have big decisions in life, it's good to just sit down and talk about a dog that you would really like to wash. So I'm open for ways I could approach this neighbor. "Hey, I'm Justin, I'd really like to wash your dog." I'm not sure that would go over well. Enough about orange dogs.

So I have this old dirtbike. It actually was a project I bought a few years ago. It's been fun to fix up. When I bought it, it looked terrible. I had fun fixing it up and working on it. I have definitely worked on it WAY more than I have ridden it. Well it sat in the garage for about a year now. I decided to get it back on the road. I haven't put all the parts back on it, some are on, some are not. I cranked it up, drove it around the country on Sunday. It runs so well. If you were to look at it, you wouldn't think so. It doesn't look "good." But it runs like a champ. I hit the gas, and it just goes so fast. I started thinking about how my life looks sometimes. Exactly opposite of the dirtbike. All things might look good on the outside, but usually, there are inner struggles and lots of rust. There is nothing easy about this life, and if it is easy, u are not living. Maybe I'm wrong. I understand that in all things, God is faithful, despite our circumstances. That's a tough pill to swallow. Drink a little water, it helps.


JT said...

So this blog messed up a little. The comments now work!!!! Woo HOOOOO.

Jess said...

...Easy living, you're not much like the name
Easy dying, you look just about the same
Would you please take me off your list
Easy living please c'mon and let me down...

You wouldn't like it if it was easy! Antyhing worth anything isn't easy. But, there is joy in the journey.. like orange dogs and dirt bikes and red bugs. Well, maybe not the last part, but they add spice and spice is good! Gives me something to laugh at you about anyway! :)

Candice said... you think that the dog is neglected....:( ??? Do the people seem like they would be the kind of people who would let you wash their dog?? (good story!)

Holly said...

Justin - Please Please Please let me ride the dirtbike. I am feening for it. I will be beyond busy this week and then going home this weekend for Kacy Herrings wedding shower but dude after that lets take your dirtbike out in the country and ride the heck out of it. Mine is broken so even when I go home I cant ride it. Glad you got this thing fixed, I bet you thought people werent reading your blog. But dont you worry, I was reading it.