Thursday, May 07, 2009


Seriously, all I can really say about the last couple of weeks is DANG. If I was a cussin man, I might even drop a little profanity. :) I never really liked cussing. I do say "pissed" sometimes but only when something really bothers me. Anyway.

I just volunteered at an Acts 29 conference here in San Diego. I got to meet Mark Driscoll and just listen to some really neat guys who are following Jesus in crazy cool ways. The last few weeks, to be honest, God has broken my heart down. I'm just going to be a straight shooter and say that my heart has been straight mush for the past few weeks. I feel like He never lets me get too far away. He is a jealous God and wants the biggest sacfrice of all, our life and heart. I know it is so cliche, but dang it is the truth. Lately, there are opportunities opening for me to preach again and they are coming out of nowhere. It seems that anytime God really wants me to do something, he makes it so dang obvious. I've just got to this point in my life where I'm just taking off anything that isn't neccesary and dropping it at His feet, asking for Him to give me what He wants.

I'm realizing that I'm 29 and that I am a grownup. I know there are a lot of 20 somethings that are just waiting for that thing to happen down the road. I've waited for too long for that next big thing, today is that thing. Today is the day where God has planted you and wants to use you. Stop thinking about what or who is around the corner and focus on now. I'm a dreamer, so it's tough for me to stop and use what is now. I am supposed to speak at a homeless ministry of a few hundred people on Saturday, so you can pray for that. It's been that fire in my bones and I absolutely love speaking, very few things compare to that.

All that to say, man He is so good. Also to say that my girlfriend Abby is amazingly hot and will be hitting the charts soon. I just bought the domain this week and the website should be up in a month or so. This girl can can sing like would not believe and will record an album very soon. I can't wait til it drops. We sat out by the beach tonight and had dinner as the sun was setting just amazing that God has allowed us to live in a crazy cool city.


Candice said...

Well...if you need some pictures of your hottie for her website...I would like to recommend two AMAZING photogs in your area:

Drew B --she's in San Diego and she's AWESOME!

Jasmine Star-She's in Orange County...but oh so amazing!!!

Okay. :) Have a good day *wink*

JT said...

Whit, I thought about you! She's got to get a few more things rolling, I'm just working on the website now.