Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oregon and Beyond

So after a few weeks of negative blogs from me, or the lack of blogs, here is a small one. I've come to conclude that by the time I learn to balance time and life in San Diego, it will be time for me to move to another city. Either way, it's fun. I spent the week in Oregon with my lil shawty's family and one of our friends from San Diego. It was quite an experience. They have a huge family with lots of lil kids running around. I got sick the last day there and it was a quite nice experience. There is nothing like throwing up from both ends when you are at your girlfriend's family house. Either way, it was a good way to lose 10 pounds from Thanksgiving. I should market the stomach virus. Nevermind. Gross. We also went out and cut our own tree down in the woods, legally. It cost $5 and you can pick one 12 feet or smaller, not a bad deal.

Thinkin about having a New Year's Eve party, I wonder if anyone would come!

Also, my lil fat dog video that I recorded a few years ago is about to hit 100k on youtube! Will you be the 100k hit? :)

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geisme said...

Nice pics. You look happy. Glad you are feeling better.