Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello World

I've been on the road again and left my poor lil blog in the cold.  I sorry blog.  Anywho, I'm about to pass out but I wanted to say that 2009 is gonna be a good year.  I also want to say if you want a disciplined track to read the Bible, my friend Lee Stunningman has a nice facebook group.  Please join.  I struggle to figure out balance in this life and I seem to battle with trying to figure out how to balance life, friends, work, and most important, time with God. 


Lindsay said...

I really have enjoyed your blog, I have been reading for a while, and it is really good. I wanted to ask, you talk about your job a lot, but I have never caught what it is. So what is your job? I will continue reading to hear more about your amazing adventures in 09! Happy New Year!

JT said...


I am trying to figure out which Lindsay you are, I think I know 7 Lindsays :)

I am a technical consultant for energy companies. Talk about nerdy stuff all day and teach them how to use high end technology :) Sound fun?

Lindsay said...

Actually Yes. You sound pretty cool I think. And you probably don't know me, I found you through Candice's blog when they went to CA. So do you like San Diego?