Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am sitting in my condo in San Diego and realizing how much I need time to myself. I think for the past year I have been surrounded by wonderful things, people, places, beaches, and a few seals here and there. It has been a supreme blessing to be in this environment and meet a lot of new people and do things I've never done before, but...I think somewhere in the middle of all this I've lost time for myself. If there is going to be a lil shin dig, I want to be the first person on the signup list. I love being around people and lots of them. But I need time to myself. It has become a struggle for me to find time away from everything. In SC, I would just retreat to my room and could usually spend a few hours listening to podcasts, reading, and just being quiet. I haven't done that in San Diego really since I've been here and I can definitely see that my faith has struggled in that process. Jesus knew we needed that, He was God with skin on and He still took those early moornings to be with His Father. I struggle to be with Him and make time for Him. If there has ever been anytime in my life that I should thank Him and want to spend time with Him, it is now. The past year has been more blessed than probably any year of my entire life. I want to be more like Jesus and follow after Him when times are good, I know that ultimately God will humble us and bring us back to a place where we desire that. I don't want to get to that point. Anywho...

The past month has been interesting. I flew back to SC for the first time since May, because of work, but managed to sneak in some time with my family for two days and to make it to a Clemson game. My lil shawty also went with me and visited Clemson for the first time. It was good to be back in Clemson and hit up some MACs after not having it for a long time. I went three days straight I do believe. Some More Random Pics..

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geisme said...

Well, I must not have checked in the last few days & been as faithful a reader as I said. Missed this post. Glad Abby got to go home with you. She looks good in Clemson colors. :)
Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.