Saturday, February 17, 2007

Whew! What a week!

Well I got back from Houston yesterday, talk about cold! I have been to Houston many times and never thought it would be that cold. We had to work in the rain and cold one day and that my friend, was not fun. Either way, we got a lot of work done and had a good time.

Funny thing was, my hotel was right down from none other than, Joel Osteen's church. This place is massive. It almost made me kinda have a sick feeling in my stomach. He has one of the largest, if not the largest church in America. I went through what their church believes, and it all looks good on paper. I have mentioned before that he botched the Larry King interview when he had the opportunity to share his faith to millions, he resorted to saying "I don't know" to some of the basics theological questions that a 3 year old raised in the church could have answered confidently. To make it worse, I went to buy a Mark Driscoll book at the bookstore in Houston and discovered that ol Joel has his own Your Best Life Now boardgame! What has this world come to? Also, their church meets in the Compaq center which is like I said, this massive place. Remark: If any pastor is reading this and is currently building a church, please, I say please do not put your name in huge letters on the side of the building. If you want to put a name, come up with something creative like the name of your church, or maybe even something like.."Jesus Christ, our God, not just a name you use as curse word" Okay, so maybe not that either, but please don't spam your name on a building that you say is promoting Jesus and the cross. I know I probably sound harsh but I think it is warranted.

Life has not started to slow down and only continues to be picking up speed. I never thought I would reach a day where I don't even have time to check my personal email at work, this is crazy! Gmail needs me! Things look good for the future in ministry and if you want and the Lord prompts you, you can pray for me, that I will be faithful to what God has called me to do and is calling me to do. I've been reading "Confessions of a Reformission Rev." by Mark Driscoll and it has me thinking of lots of different ideas. I've realized that I am a visionary and really need someone to help me with implementation. I can think of things all day long but really struggle in putting them to work. I need someone to help get the ball rolling and then allow me to come back alongside and keep it rolling in the right direction. I am almost done with it and hope to write a review of it, as I have read many reviews on the book before reading it and want to give my opinion. I realize that it is 2:30 AM and Will Hoge kept me out way too late tonight and now I must fall asleep with Mark Driscoll's last few chapters.

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Katie said...

he has a board game?!? haha - WOW. insane, I tell you...insane.