Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cribs, Not

So this video isn't really all that funny, but I got this towel for Christmas and really haven't shared it with anyone. It's just for decoration in my bathroom and serves no real purpose but to amuse me. Some days I am leaving it to say "Butt" and the other days to say "Face." Just depends on how I feel. :)

So I saw "Breach" tonight. Great movie, I like, I like. I am all about Spy movies and this one was especially good because it was based on a true story. So on to a more serious thought.

I know I probably have talked about Mark Driscoll a lot lately and the fact that I go to sleep at night with him on my pillow, well the laptop, is probably quite funny. He has one of the biggest churches in the US and would probably be considered the "executive pastor" at his church. One thing I like about him is that at the beginning of all his messages, he introduces himself as "one of the pastors" and always refers to Jesus as the Senior Pastor. I love it. As I was walking out of the movie tonight, I had a passing thought of the credits that were being played behind me. Of course Rhett was still talking in my ear about spies because he reads all the books and loves that stuff. (Rhett I was listening to you, I just got distracted for a second). I thought about the credits that I was walking out to. I saw a really good movie but did not stay and see who created it and the piece of film that basically thanks the creators. I thought about this a little more later. Our lives are being played out right now, and we are just supporting actors and Jesus is the star. Sure sometimes we run in front of the spotlight and want the glory, He quickly shows us we are wrong, and we get back to business. One day we are going to sit down in a home entertainment center that you could never imagine. It's going to have Jesus 100.1 speakers and a holy spirit bumping subwoofer with God the father as the best voiceover you have ever heard James E. Jones! I just feel like I forget that Jesus is watching our movie being played out and one day we will give an account to this life, our credits will roll and roll. It's amazing that nothing escapes God. He knows every hair, he knows every thought, he knows everything. I want to be proud of my movie, not because it was me in the scenes, but because I got to be apart of a script that only He could have written and I just had the chance to be with Him.

All we know is that Layla has been out a few nights and returns home stumbling.

About 6 feet 1 inch, at least according to Dr. Power Brockman.

I'm not sure this could be labeled as a stumbling block. Oh my, maybe Tavaras. :)


Joe Sholl said...

Hey Justin...great blog about towels, friends and Jesus.
Oh yeah, Driscoll!!! Love that Ruth series he's doing right now.
Man, she was HOT!!! But so is HELL!!

Jodi said...

Hilarious got back!!!

Candice said...

hahhahhahahahaha....too funny.

grandma gift=hilarious

layla with money in collar=HILARIOUS.

miss you. mean it.

JT said...

yeah we really can't figure it out, but either way, Layla has been sharing the money and paying her part of the rent. We're happy.