Tuesday, January 16, 2007

u know what I love

I love those days when at the end of the day, you feel like your life counted.  It's not like I preached to 5,000 people and every one of them received Jesus, but it was just one of those days that I can come home, turn on the XBOX 360 and enjoy relaxing.  I've realized something about myself today that I never really knew.  I need an outlet.  I've learned that all the stuff I have been learning over the past few years has never really had anywhere to be aimed out.  I've felt like a floater, a roamer, a something.  Part of it is being apart of a local church, something I have missed out on for the last few years.  There is still this big part in me that feels like I'm called to something weird.  I feel like I'm going to always be in a local church but this other big part of me feels called to something outside the box for Jesus.  Lately, I've just been hovering on this thought and desire.  I have lots of ideas just swirling around and I'm just now finding outlets to take them to.  Anywho, enough about that.

Have you ever had one of those times where you just start praying for something that you don't know why.  This happens to be rarely honestly.  But tonight, I listened to Mark Driscoll for about two hours on my ride back from Columbia.  I just love that guy and love his teaching.  He is humble, loves Jesus, and everything he says always ties back into Jesus.  It doesn't matter if he is going through deep theological talks, he always makes Jesus the hero of the story and I love it.  If you have time, listen to "teaching and preaching scripture."  I have listened to it a few times, just amazing.  Okay so the random prayer.  I finished listening to Driscoll and for some reason I just start praying for his sex life.  WHY IN THE WORLD would this pop in my head?  It was the funniest thing.  So I didn't know why, I don't know him personally.  But oh well, the Lord created sex in the bonds of marriage and Driscoll is married and Jesus wants him to have good sex, so I prayed for that.  I hope when I am married one day and teaching and preaching, someone will pray that for me :)  Sorry mom if you are reading this, but it's biblical :)

If anyone is in Greenville tomorrow night, give me a holla, we are going to try and shoot some video on the street.  I need a camera person.  As Todd Friel says, now go serve your King.

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