Monday, January 22, 2007

Theory of The Lord's Supper

So for many years as a child, my mom taught me that I should not drink after people.  We weren't germ-o-phobes by any means, we just didn't drink after anyone.  My mom always drank diet mountain dew, I remember her or my brother telling me that all your spit resides in the bottom and the "last sip" as it is called is a deadly one.  Well not really deadly, but nasty would be a better term.  So for my entire life, I never or I should say rarely drink after someone.  Dating is about the closest I will come to even think about drinking after someone.  So I say all that to set the stage to my theory, don't worry, it's a short one. 

It has been argued to me that I would have not done well at the Lord's Supper.  To get an idea of what the last supper with Jesus would have been like, think about a bunch of guys, sitting around, sharing deep conversation and reclining, these guys are just chilling out.  Jesus is giving them some directions about what is going to happen in the future.  He gives the example of the bread being His body, He breaks it and passes it around.  He uses the wine as an example of His blood, He passes the cup around.  So it was argued that I could not have been one of his boyz because I wouldn't have drank after anyone.  Okay, so here is the deal.  I have it figured out.  I want to be John.  See John was the disciple that was close to Christ.  He was the one that Jesus loved.  What makes John so special at the Last Supper?  Well see, John was the one on Jesus' breast.  He was listening to the heartbeat of God in one of the most intimate moments of history.  John would have been the first to drink right after Jesus.  Jesus would have passed the cup to him first.  Who would you rather drink after?  Jesus?  or one of the other disciples?  I say Jesus, of course.  I mean c'mon, He was God with skin on.  So see, I could have been at the last supper and could have drank the wine and tasted the bread in remembrance of Him.  It's just a theory. 

All you who share chapstick, drinks, etc, you are nasty.  I bet you even share toothbrushes. 

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Jodi said...

One day you will drink after your wife and children! And, there's no telling what kinda germs you'll be gettin'!